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i'm in the "hardly ever use this" stage... i'll be back soon i think.
i setup a page at imagekind...
and i've just come up with an idea of opening a business here in austin, a retail store... i haven't sen anything similar, so i'm excited to get started. the only thing is, i'm not really sure where that is.
i know the type of inventory i want to sell, but where to buy it- and where to sell it, literally, as in where will the store be? how much will the store rent cost be? utilities? etc?
i'll make it happen though, i sort of have to... i can't stand working for everyone else anymore, making them money while i sit back and wonder why i've given my life away as they sit poolside at their homes sipping spiked juices and bloody mary's. not that i want to do that (everyday), i just want to feel like my contributions are better spent.

here's the page though for now... until the store is up, which i will announce asap.

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