elizabethaknee (boofany) wrote,

and then

got my three month review at work. i'm basically awesome. :p
they said i do a really great job at everything, and that everything is wonderful... to please not text while i'm on the floor, but everyone says good things.
i knew it was coming up, but it still caught me off guard a little.
on the 15th i can get insurance, which means i'm going to the doctor. i'm hoping it will cover things that i need covered. i'll also get dental so i can get my teeth fixed that need to be fixed. not having insurance for as long as has been is the suck. i never thought i'd be excited about health insurance, but i guess that's just the age thing.
schools ok, i need to catch up on some stuff. but since i've got 2 days off during the week and one of them is used going to school, i couldn't get myself to go back the next day. i should've. i had a quiz last class, and i was terrified... i remembered things i didn't realize i would, and didn't the things i thought i would. i should have made a cheat sheet or something of all the conversions for wall sizes and all that.
hopefully i did ok.
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