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i've been working at waterloo since last june (or july?) and will be up for my 1 year review this month. moved to part time so i'll only be there sunday nights, picking up shifts when i need to... the rest of the week i'll be at the coffee bean and tea leaf that is opening up in about a week or so making coffee. it's not bad, and everyone there seems to be much more positive than those at waterloo... those who are always miserable about everything in their life- from their low pay to their whatever problems i'm tired of hearing about... but don't do anything to change...
vern the puppy we (me and david) picked up at the adoption tent outside of our laundromat/cafe/othercafe is getting so much bigger it's kind of ridiculous.
her and juniper
Vern n Juneebug
are doing pretty good together... junipers doing really well for having been the only dog her whole life... and getting a crazy hyper puppy at nearly 10 years old...
stuff is happening that's not awesome- but tonight is rad on 7th near neches...
"FREE BEER! Buy a kebab tonight and get free beer at Mugshots!"
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