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elizabethaknee's Journal
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Date:2012-02-07 18:33

- Quit job at record store.
- Got hired at coffee shop.
- Got cancerous fun times.
- Cut out all the fun times, and am being watched as I continue to stay healed.
- Made decision to cut out all other thing in life I wasn't happy with.
- Quit coffee shop.
- Broke up with boyfriend.
- Began working as full time self employed photographer.
- Decided I needed more money, and couldn't become overnight success much to my dismay.
- Got morning, part time work at bakery.
- Considered getting a cat, but decided litterbox wasn't worth it.

Next step.
- Kayak more.
- Run on treadmill more to build up endurance.
- Buy house.
- Reconsider cat.

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Date:2009-06-05 16:52

i've been working at waterloo since last june (or july?) and will be up for my 1 year review this month. moved to part time so i'll only be there sunday nights, picking up shifts when i need to... the rest of the week i'll be at the coffee bean and tea leaf that is opening up in about a week or so making coffee. it's not bad, and everyone there seems to be much more positive than those at waterloo... those who are always miserable about everything in their life- from their low pay to their whatever problems i'm tired of hearing about... but don't do anything to change...
vern the puppy we (me and david) picked up at the adoption tent outside of our laundromat/cafe/othercafe is getting so much bigger it's kind of ridiculous.
her and juniper
Vern n Juneebug
are doing pretty good together... junipers doing really well for having been the only dog her whole life... and getting a crazy hyper puppy at nearly 10 years old...
stuff is happening that's not awesome- but tonight is rad on 7th near neches...
"FREE BEER! Buy a kebab tonight and get free beer at Mugshots!"

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Date:2008-10-14 12:33
Subject:it's raining it's pouring

and beth is at home swooning.

i love the rain.
hopefully it won't be all day though, because i need to get to school and catch up with all that i missed at school saturday. i'm not full on sick, but friday i was starting to feel gross... and saturday i was feeling a little worse when i woke up- so i listened to my body and slept. ALL day.
sunday i did the same thing... until i couldn't any more, and it really did help. i felt it a little this morning, when i slept in again, but it wasn't as bad as it was.
so- i'll be off to school and the gym today. sometime.

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Date:2008-10-12 11:58

i made it through work yesterday... i was supposed to be off, but covered someone else's shift so they could cover mine today. it was like... i thought i was going to stab myself in the eye. it was, boring? boring would be the most tame word i could use for it. and neverending would be the other word for last night. but! i made it through, and because of that, i didn't lose all the hours i would have if i hadn't. i have someone covering (not trading) my shift tuesday, just in case i can get tickets to the magnetic fields show. which means that with my normal day off tomorrow... i have 3 mafackin days off in a row! i am ready to see some chickin shitin bingo, some dog time, some camera time, some gym time, some 'what the hell am i going to do now i still have 2 days left' time, some nap time, some hey cupcake time, and as much other stuff that i can come up with.
i had the creepiest dream about my dad and the dude last night... my dad was a big cokehead and him and the dude were doing it together... i tried to lock myself in my bedroom to get away from them, and they pushed themselves in. i remember waking up moaning/whining 'stooooop!' so... it was a strange way to wake up, but after that it can only get better. unless of course they really have become best friends and are doing coke out in spring branch right now.

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Date:2008-10-10 00:40
Subject:and then

got my three month review at work. i'm basically awesome. :p
they said i do a really great job at everything, and that everything is wonderful... to please not text while i'm on the floor, but everyone says good things.
i knew it was coming up, but it still caught me off guard a little.
on the 15th i can get insurance, which means i'm going to the doctor. i'm hoping it will cover things that i need covered. i'll also get dental so i can get my teeth fixed that need to be fixed. not having insurance for as long as has been is the suck. i never thought i'd be excited about health insurance, but i guess that's just the age thing.
schools ok, i need to catch up on some stuff. but since i've got 2 days off during the week and one of them is used going to school, i couldn't get myself to go back the next day. i should've. i had a quiz last class, and i was terrified... i remembered things i didn't realize i would, and didn't the things i thought i would. i should have made a cheat sheet or something of all the conversions for wall sizes and all that.
hopefully i did ok.

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Date:2008-02-04 14:44
Mood: exanimate

i'm in the "hardly ever use this" stage... i'll be back soon i think.
i setup a page at imagekind...
and i've just come up with an idea of opening a business here in austin, a retail store... i haven't sen anything similar, so i'm excited to get started. the only thing is, i'm not really sure where that is.
i know the type of inventory i want to sell, but where to buy it- and where to sell it, literally, as in where will the store be? how much will the store rent cost be? utilities? etc?
i'll make it happen though, i sort of have to... i can't stand working for everyone else anymore, making them money while i sit back and wonder why i've given my life away as they sit poolside at their homes sipping spiked juices and bloody mary's. not that i want to do that (everyday), i just want to feel like my contributions are better spent.

here's the page though for now... until the store is up, which i will announce asap.

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Date:2007-12-28 10:38

oh my god- fiesta on 35/stassney sells kinder bueno bars.
i was so happy.

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Date:2007-12-24 09:43

also: i want to chop off my hair and have it short again.
but i won't. yet. it's very very (veryveryveryvery) tempting.

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Date:2007-12-24 09:30
Subject:calendar, only four dolla!

i'm working my seasonal job- though i did just put an application in at a place... i really hope i get that job. it'd pay well enough to give me bill money and a small extra ammount for me.
junipers at the house doing great- she's getting used to not having a yard to run around in all day... but she seems to be ok with it, having auditorium shores back again. she gets to run around and play with the dogs and the water and all that.
christmas is tomorow... i've been working non-stop, so it'll be nice to have a day off. (i haven't been off in a few weeks, i keep coming in on my days off.) i'm supposed to go out to spring branch.
i can't wait to get my treeson and ciao ciao & adios in the mail.

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Date:2007-11-03 20:14
Subject:i got the key

i've got the key to my new place and i started moving in last night after work.
it's super cool.
i think the guy who lives in the other part of the building is a cop... but he might just be a security guard.
he's not a morning person.
i even found a chair for $2. $2 chairs are so rad.
i'm going to choose some paint, and add some colour to the walls which will make it even better.
now i need a bookcase...

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